You Just Have to Begin

Do you ever spend so much time thinking about doing something that you feel like you’ve already done the something, but you haven’t?  That’s how I feel about writing this first (well, second) blog post.  I decided that since “today is the day of salvation” then today might as well be the day of writing.  Today is the day to begin making concrete the flow of thoughts and revelations about Jesus that have been floating around in the pool of my heart, mind, and soul.

For this moment, I believe it’s appropriate to expand on the word “begin.”  According to Webster, to begin is “to do the first of an action; to go into the first part of a process.”  As I embarked on this something called blogging in an effort to deepen the faith of all the people that cross my path, I became bogged down with innumerable questions.  You know when you feel like you can’t turn your brain off?  Ever?!  Even though I specifically heard the Lord say, “Begin,” questions (rooted in pride but wrapped with a pretty, burlap bow) effortlessly arose within me:  Is this the right season?  Am I really able to do this?  Am I smart enough…creative enough?  Will my children be put on the back burner?  Am I efficient enough with my time to make it work?  Am I hearing the Lord correctly?

In Joshua 17, an earthly-minded tribe approaches their leader Joshua to complain about how they should have access to more land since their tribe is so numerous.  Joshua reminds them that God had already given them land that they were not taking advantage of, for they allowed a large portion of their allotted land to be occupied by the enemy Canaanites.  Joshua directs them in verse 17:  “You are numerous and very powerful.  Clear [the land].  Though the Canaanites have chariots fitted with iron and though they are strong, you can drive them out.”

The very thing that the tribe saw as their weakness (being numerous), Joshua reframed it as their strength.  He cautioned them to not expect ease just because God was on their side, but that they had the hard physical and faith work ahead of clearing the land and facing the fear of the enemy.  The tribe had probably thought and talked so much about needing to drive out the Canaanites that they felt like they had already earnestly tried, but in reality they hadn’t even begun.

What is the something that God has placed in your heart to do for Him?  My something is writing for the Lord; now it is blogging and one day it will be a book.  WJust begin imagehat is it that you are afraid of?  The very weakness that you feel you have, reframed, could be what God uses to show His strength in you.  Have you thought about it and talked about it but not really prayed or done anything to begin?   So Joshua said to the Israelites:  “How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given you?” (Josh 18:3). You don’t have to wait on God to give you another word or revelation to act.  He has already given you access to the something for which your heart desires.

You just have to begin.  You just have “to go into the first part of the process” and God will strengthen and direct you as you go.

So, begin your something right now as I begin mine.


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