Ashley & Jesus & Maghan

Do you remember that butterfly feeling you got before the first day of school?  It never goes away, no matter how many first days of school you experience.  As I felt the wings of the butterflies fluttering, my feet crossed the threshold of the classroom and my mind raced: where should I sit? do I know anyone?  who is looking at me?  I decided to sit behind a girl with a flower in her hair that was seated in the first row.  Lo and behold did I know that the chair I chose to sit in really wasn’t chosen by me.  Class began and the professor gave an intro spiel.  From the gut of my body, a slow and controlled inner voice rose into a loud and overwhelmed shout, “What have I gotten myself into?!”  Or perhaps I just mistook that for the baby that was in my belly.  Yes, I am that crazy person that chose to begin a Specialist program pregnant while at the same time mothering a 4 and

5-year-old, working full-time as a Spanish teacher, and fighting the resilient nemesis named Laundry. After a long, delivery of procedures from the professor, students were able to take a short break.  All of the sudden, Usher’s “U Got it Bad” played loudly on a radio in the classroom.  “Oooohhooohooh, yeah, yeah, yeah.” Wait a minute.  That wasn’t actually the radio; it was just me compulsively singing during the down time, because that is what I do.  The girl with the flower in her hair turned around and shot me a bewildered look.  Immediately, I died laughing on the inside, laughed a little out loud, and then tried to think of every possible thought that had popped into her brain.  I decided perhaps she didn’t know the song that I sang (Who doesn’t know Usher?!), or she was very introverted, or she thought of me as immature, or she was still floating around with her own powerful butterflies.

The next class I decided to sit behind her again.  And then the next class.  And then the next class.  A friendship bloomed that is rooted in the love of Jesus, laughing, music, and deep conversations about how God brings wonder into the mundane of our lives. On the very last night of presentations that would complete our new degree, in unison we shared with each other, “We should write for the Lord.”It was a God moment where goose bumps emerge on your skin and your arm hairs stick straight up.  I guess my name was really written on that chair behind the girl with the flower in her hair; it was written there before I was even formed in my mother’s womb.  What else has the Lord been setting up for His glory?

We are so glad to start this journey with you.  We pray that your eyes will be opened to how wonder can meet the mundane of your life when you challenge yourself to turn your thoughts to Jesus on a regular basis throughout your day.  As we practice this in our own lives, we want to share what the Lord reveals to us in the hope that it spurs you to go deeper in your own relationship with Jesus Christ.


3 thoughts on “Ashley & Jesus & Maghan

  1. LOVE this continuation of your journey together in His Way! Your two hearts on fire, your songs and laughter made that Specialist program FUN! Thinking about that “seat behind the girl with the flower in her hair” being chosen for you before the foundation of the world gives a real bird’s-eye-view perspective to what we consider “random” or small choices. You remind me that active trusting Him in the moment, each scary “butterfly moment”, allows great new relationships to begin. Good to think about at the start of a new year when we start fresh with 730+ new students!!


    • Ahhh! I love you, Laura! When I read your comment, I realized, “This blog is actually live and real.” ☺It felt surreal since it has just been swimming in my head for so long. I love hearing your thoughtful response. We have to stop seeing what happens around us (even the thoughts that we think) as coincidence and start giving God more credit. And when we do that, we realize all of the sudden that we have to be obedient to what He has asked us to do. That’s the hard part.


  2. Wonderful, Ashley and Maghan! I’m already inspired by your first post to trust Him in making sweet relationships with my new students the first week of school. Allowing the light, laughter, and love of Jesus to shine through me (like you both did during the whole Specialist Program!) to ease the “butterfles” of nervousness in my students will start the year with joy!


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